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What Does Music Therapy Look Like? 

There is no “standard” group or individual session structure, as we design everything around the specific needs and goals of the clients. Oftentimes we adapt sessions on the fly in response to an in-the-moment need expressed during therapy. However, many interventions fall under four main methods:

  • Re-creative (using client-preferred music to engage in active music making)

  • Receptive (using client-preferred music to engage in music discussion and receptive listening skills)

  • Improvisation (using improvised music to encourage expression and collaboration)

  • Composition (creating or rewriting songs personalized to the group/client’s journey)

Click on the links below for more in-depth examples of what our sessions might look like!


Early Childhood

Piano Lesson

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities


Health and Wellness


Mental & Behavioral Health


Corporate Workshops


Assisted Living & Memory Care

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