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Intellectual & DEvelopmental disabilities

Learning and Growing Through Music

Music therapy’s benefits are perhaps most well known throughout this community. Both children and adults with a wide range of abilities seem to flourish in music therapy settings. We believe this is because sessions are tailored to be success oriented according to their needs and abilities. Who doesn’t feel motivated when they have opportunities to succeed and be challenged?! Some ways we have tailored sessions include: 

  • Using adaptive percussion instruments (e.g. bells that attach to wrist, wrist cuffs for mallets) to work on fine and gross motor skills

  • Using songs that practice social skills such as greeting each other, taking turns, maintaining eye contact, and making choices

  • Custom built songs focusing on a certain speech syllable or sound to work on individual speech and communication goals

  • Creating positive and fun musical “jams” where they have opportunities to succeed and build self-esteem!

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