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Supporting Your Journey Through Music

From adolescents to adults in acute and long-term care, we have had the honor of supporting countless individuals throughout their recovery. Oftentimes we’ve been told it’s their favorite therapy! We work hand-in-hand with the treatment team to ensure that we are supporting all your goals and objectives. Some frequently used interventions include: 

  • Song Sharing: An opportunity for discussion for the group, members are encouraged to share music based off of a theme (getting to know you, resilience, triggers, etc.). Lyric analysis can be a powerful vessel for emotional expression, practice of empathy, and communication. 

  • Group Jam: Offers opportunities for emotional expression, group connection, and exploration of therapeutic themes. Improvisation allows for movement throughout the session (e.g. expressing highs and lows of their feelings) and can be tailored to the group’s needs.

  • Songwriting: Offers opportunities for emotional expression, teamwork, and an increase in self-esteem. Group members are encouraged to write lyrics and assign instrumentation for their piece, based off a therapeutic theme.

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